British Services offers information about the governing bodies, government departments, professional associations and resources for over 100 industries in the UK. This information is provided to researches, academics and the public free of charge.

The organisations and bodies listed on British Services have been chosen by our staff and no fee has been required or paid for inclusion.

In order to provide a well rounded set of information for researchers British Services also provides a database of the organisations, charities and businesses in each industry. All of the information is provided free of charge and at no cost to any party.

Industry Bodies and Government Departments

The inclusion of industry bodies, government departments and other resources in British Services is at the sole discretion of British Services. Suggestions for inclusion may be sent using the contact form. Please note that British Services is extremely selective and will only publish details that will be relevant to researchers of that industry.

Organisation, Charity, Business Database

The British Services business database is supplied by Bizwiki. If you wish to report an error or request the deletion of an entry please click on the "Report an error" link under that particular entry.

If you wish to add a business to the database please note that submissions are not accepted. Bizwiki regularly adds new businesses using its own sources.

Advertising on British Services

Organisations or businesses wishing to advertise on British Services can do so by registering with Yahoo Search Marketing. A maximum of three adverts from Yahoo are shown on some pages of British Services. Where ads are shown, the adverts are matched to the page's content to ensure relevancy. For more information please contact Yahoo Search Marketing.

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